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It is not sufficient for us, at Asia Insurance, to develop our customer services, but also we devote great attention to customer’s opinions, suggestions and complaints.

We recognize that you have specific suggestions, demands or complaints due to unintentional error, misunderstanding or difference of viewpoints. So, we established a Customer Care Unit to receive your requests, to investigate your complaints, to follow up solving them with the departments concerned in the company and to inform the customers of the fair and shortest time solutions.

The Customer Care Unit exercises its activities as an independent unit equipped with highly sophisticated information systems, efficient workforce, tools and mechanisms that enable it to deal with customer opinions, suggestions and complaints in accordance with sound principles consistent with the prevailing legal regulations that ensure the highest quality standards.

The Customer Care Unit endeavors seriously to build up an efficient and positive client-owner branch relationship based on high quality, reliable and dependable service.

Mechanism for Communication
If you have any viewpoints on the services provided or Asia Insurance products, please do not hesitate to send them immediately to the "Customer Care Unit" through any of the following means of communication:

Phone : +964 53 330 1811 
               +964 770 123 0005

Fax : +964 53 330 1812

E-mail: care@asiainsurance.net

To enable us to consider your complaint fully and quickly, you will need to provide the following information: 

   • An explanation to the situation that led to the complaint. 

   • Your policy number or ID number. 

   • A contact number or e-mail address. 

   • Any new information not currently in Asia Insurance possession that may have a bearing on CARE understanding of the complaint.

It deserves noting here that the precise information leads to the fastest response.

We Care

If you call or send your opinion, observation or complaint to us, the Customer Care Unit responds immediately and refers it to the department concerned in the company for study, solving and to advise you accordingly of the action taken in this respect.

Your suggestions, observations and complaints are handled in accordance with the following procedures: 

• To acknowledge receipt of your request within twenty four (24) hours and provide you with the reference number used for follow up. 

• In general, the procedures that ensure the immediate handling of your observations or the instant solving of your complaint are taken. 

• In the event of difficulty in the immediate handling, the Customer Care Unit will directly send your observations to the department concerned through an advanced system for investigation and taking the suitable actions within a maximum fifteen (10) working days of the date of request receiving. 

• If the concerned department does not respond within two working days, the system will refer your observations or complaints to the higher management level till they reach the Company’s top management for response. 

• When the Customer Care Unit receives the response of the concerned department, it will advise you of the actions taken and solution proposed for your complaint and the period of time required for implementing this solution.