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Operate At Your Optimum ….

If you are a business owner, you work hard to see your business blooming because it is a symbol of your achievement in life. But in practical sense, it is also a vital source of income for you and your family, so you strive to achieve a sustainable profit and growth.

You know exactly what it takes to get your company off the ground and what it takes to keep running successfully. Long hours of hard work, determination, planning, training and investment are a part of your everyday life.

But what if something happens and disrupts the growth or even simply the regular operations of your business? What if damages occur as a result of an unexpected accident or natural disaster?

We believe that it is not just about replacement or repairing lost or damaged items. It is about repairing your business and getting it back to where it was.

Asia’s Business Guard insurance policy provides an outstanding protection and gives you a peace of mind, knowing that your life achievement “YOUR BUSINESS” is well protected and secured.

  • Fire, lightning and Explosion.

  • Burglary.
  • Fire workers actions during extinguishing the fire.
  • Earthquake, Storm and flood.
  • Strikes, riots & civil commotions (S.R.C.C).
  • Vehicles and animal impacts.
  • Aircraft impact or other aerial devices or articles dropped there from.
  • Bursting of fresh water pipes, tanks or apparatus or overflowing of fresh water tanks.
  • Malicious act, except by members of Insured’s household or any in his service.
  • Debris removal.
  • Third party Liability.
  • Breakage of plate glass.
  • Alternate accommodation & Loss of rent.
  • Lock Replacement.
  • Money Insurance.
  • Personal accident (Fatal injury or death caused by Fire/Burglary).