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Public Liability

Professionals as well as entrepreneurs can be subjects of third party legal liability due to acts of negligence caused by the Insured, their families or employees. Such legal liabilities can turn into protracted expensive court battles, and it would be in their best interests to opt for insurance protection. Professional advice or even products that are defective, which can cause bodily injuries or death, is often the cause of the legal liability.

We at Asia Insurance Company offer Public and Product Liability Insurance protection to our customers by providing indemnity to third party due to the Legal liability of the Insured resulting from negligence of the insured or their respective employees/family members causing:-

  • Accidental bodily injury and/or death
  • Accidental damage to property (excluding property belonging to/in the custody of/under the control of the Insured, family members or employees

In addition, Asia Insurance provides: Legal expenses for defending any proceedings with the Insurer's consent.