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Contingency Insurance

Organising events such as seminars, conferences, sporting events or even personal events such as weddings and parties can be both time consuming and expensive. Imagine if due to unknown calamity these incidents were to be cancelled, postponed or abandoned? what would happen to the investments involved in organizing such events.

It would only be reasonable to provide insurance coverage for such investments
Our “Contingency Insurance” is designed specifically to cover these prestigious occasions. It benefits the organizers in case the event is cancelled and losses are incurred. The company would indemnify for financial losses up to the Sum Insured, resulting from the event not having taken place, abandoned, interrupted, postponed,

curtained or rescheduled due to any of these causes:

  • Natural Perils (including weather)
  • Death of Rulers, Presidents, head of states ,Dignitaries or VIPs.

The rate chargeable is applied on the basis of the limit of indemnity and is dependent on the nature of the event, arrangements and seasons. Please refer to the conditions applicable to this policy.