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Money Insurance

Money like any other property is vulnerable to loss and damage therefore we provide the “Money Insurance” to cover such mishaps.

We at Asia Insurance Company offer “Money Insurance” which is an All Risk cover with some exclusion, that can be referred to in the policy. Essentially money would be cash, notes, cheques, and securities for money, stamps, postal and money orders.

The cover is for the said money while:

  • In transit to and from premises and banks
  • In safe at the premises
  • Out of safe in working hours at the premises
  • In the care of company’s responsible staff
  • In a private dwelling of employees overnight

Under “Money Insurance” various extensions are also available that can provide a wider cover. This can be requested with the insurers discretion including:-

  • Personal accident cover to employee carrying the money
  • Damage to carrying employee's clothing following assault
  • Out of safe out of business hours
  • Extension Geographical area of cover
  • Specific subject matter inclusion like "Bullion, etc"
  • To provide cover for the money insurance consideration is given on the limits - the Estimated Annual Carrying, maximum limit of any one carrying and maximum limits available in the safe or premises at any given time.
  • The rate chargeable is always applied on "Per Mille" basis (for every thousand units) on the Estimated annual carrying and limit of money in safe/premises. The charges are very dependant to the single carrying limit, Number of persons involved in carrying the money, location and the security measures in place. There are a number of other Conditions to refer to.

Exclusions The exclusion under the “Money Insurance” are:

  • Theft by employees
  • Money out of safe
  • Loss from premises following use of a key unless key obtained by violence or threats thereof
  • Shortages due to error or omission
  • War, rebellion, usurped etc, nuclear risks
  • Loss of money left in unattended vehicles