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Fidelity Guarantee

In spite of the commonly used security and surveillance systems within work places, mishaps due to misuse and embezzlement of property by employees, although infrequent, are not unlikely .

Incidents of such mishaps worry a number of employers. Whilst a number of insurance policies exclude infidelity incidents by employees, the “Fidelity Guarantee insurance” is specifically designed to protect such misappropriation incidents by employees.

When opting for “fidelity guarantee insurance” employers should consider one or more of the following items: -
  • Number of employees handling monies, valuable or convertibles, stock etc
  • Limits being exposed to such employees
  • Eligibility and legal status of such employee to the organization

We at Asia Insurance Company offer the Fidelity guarantee policy that covers any loss caused due to any act(s) of Forgery or embezzlement, larceny and/or fraudulent conversation committed by an employee in the course of their duties.

**forgery means the forging or fraudulent alteration of any document or fraudulently altered document by the employee(s) whereby he obtains possession of monies or goods of the employer.

The rate chargeable is always applied on "Per Mille" basis (for every thousand units) on the Total Aggregate limit of indemnity in addition to per capita (additional charges per employee).