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Health Insurance

Asia Insurance Company is proud to be able to offer health insurance packages tailored to meet you and your family's needs.
  • Cancer coverage
  • 100% Doctor visits insurance coverage
  • Insurance coverage of high quality pharmaceuticals
  • Insurance coverage of diagnostic tests, X-Ray and physiotherapy
  • Well distributed health network with wide scope for both Iraq and Jordan
  • Speedy reimbursement claim settlement
  • Maternity and vitamin coverage
  • Newborn baby covered from day one
  • 100% In-Hopital insurance coverage


In-Hospital Coverage




ü  Room and board according to the hospitalization class as specified in the schedule

ü  Intensive care unit and coronary artery disease treatment

ü  Surgeon and anesthesiologist fees

ü  Hospital services (surgery, theatre, anesthesia, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, etc.)

ü  Use of hospital medical equipment (e.g. heart and lung support systems, etc.)

ü  Intra-venous infusions, injections, etc.

ü  Diagnostic and laboratory tests, x-rays, electrocardiograms, scans, etc. (only related to the original cause of covered hospitalization)

ü  Various therapies including physiotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.

ü  Physician and other specialist hospital consultation related to the original cause of covered hospitalization

ü  Private nursing care, if medically necessary and pre-approved by the MCC

ü  Recipient transplantation services

ü  Ambulance services, if followed by hospitalisation

ü  Incidental companion expenses for insured(s) below 13 years of age

ü  Morgue expenses in the event of death of the insured following admission and during hospitalization for a non-excluded bodily injury or sickness

ü  Maternity (including pregnancy, normal or caesarean delivery, legal abortion and all related complications)






















Out-Hospital Coverage



Out-Hospital Benefits


Physician Consultation


100% , 100% with 3,000 IQD DED

Diagnostic tests

100%, 90%, 80% Co-Pay


100%, 90%, 80% Co-Pay


100%, 90%, 80% Co-Pay

Number of SOAP’s per member

10 Forms, 12 Forms , 14 Forms

Other Distinguished Benefits:

  • Insurance coverage up to 1,000,000,000 IQD Per Member per policy year
  • Geographical scope can be offered for KRG and Jordan
  • Coverage of vitamin B12 (Test & Medications)
  • Additional up to 9 SOAP's for maternity
  • Coverage of neonate's incubators
  • Therapeutic vitamins
  • Infectious diseases

*All above benefits are subject to Asia Insurance Company's terms, conditions and exclusions.