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Aviation Insurance

Our Aviation Insurance section reflects our expertise ability to meet the complex
Insurance requirements of the Aviation Sector.

The Aviation Sector in the Middle East is witnessing major developments and is
growing at a very rapid pace. There is tremendous potential for an ambitious boom
in the region particularly with the large-scale airport extensions and development
projects that are taking place, it is with no doubt that parallel to this shift, an
increasing need for aviation insurance is also emerging. we have excellent
ties with the best brokers in the Aviation business line from Lloyd's which is the
world’s number one specialist insurance market..

Our Aviation Reinsurance brokers are highly experienced to meet the insurance
requirements of the Aviation Industry in the Middle East region. We provide all
types of Aviation coverage including
-but not limited- to:

  • Aircraft Hull and Liabilities Insurance including Passenger, Cargo and Third Party.
  • Aircraft Hull War and Allied Perils.
  • Aircraft Spares All Risk Insurance.
  • Airport Operators and other Liabilities.
  • Aviation Crew Personal Accident.
  • Crew Loss of License Insurance.
  • Deductible Insurance.
  • Loss of Use Insurance.

We can insure both General Aviation Aircraft as well as Airline fleet, backed by excellent and rated securities from the London and Overseas Market.

We at Asia Insurance Company put customer satisfaction at the heart of our business therefore building trustworthy Customer Relations is at the top of our priorities.